The Goddess within.

  Find the beauty inside and love it









Trudie Liebe and Charissa Schipper make goddess clothes for all sizes and shapes. We try to make people conscious of themselves, and accomplish this by offering a range of clothes in bright expressive colours, soft materials and gentle forms.  Our designs will enhance your body making you feel like the goddess you are’










Together we, mother and daughter, started by designing goddess clothing for ourselves but our work excited so much interest that we now design for retail as well. Our shop, in Leiden, opened April 2004 and we are still growing. We offer wonderful designs for ALL women including those who prefer a larger size.  Our gowns are gorgeous for weddings, gala’s and other special occasions but are also for no reasons at all, simply to feel good at any moment of the day.


Our shop in Leiden

Oude Vest 55, 2312 XS Leiden, the Netherlands,

phone +31 (0)715124499 

We are open from Wednesday till Saterday from 10:00 till 17:30.

Click here for the location of the shop in Leiden

We have also a web shop.

Unfortunaly the web shop is still in the Dutch language.

But you can take a look there and fill in the "CONTACTINFORMATIE" form if you are interested in one of the articles.

 We will contact you and inform you about the order.

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Our new collection is based on layering. For example a long under dress combined with a double layered skirt and a jacket with or without tacking cord. Everything is sold separately so you can be very creative combining colours and fabrics in your own unique collection. We also make up, on request, something just for you, whatever your shape and size.  Retail prices start at 59 euro (40 pounds) for under dresses and 99 euro (65 pounds) for the jackets.







Dear friends

 The Goddess conference in Glastonbury, 2005 and 2006 where wonderful experiences and we hope to be there again in 2007. It is so much fun to Eryn  a part of the sharing, loving and giving between like minded people.  Every time we think back to this conference we smile and our hearts again feel the joy of being involved.




The popularity of our work continues to grow and for this reason we are now able to offer wholesale.

Working alongside women in Nepal and Bali we have produced a collection that is both beautiful and affordable for trade. The minimum initial trade purchase is 20 items.

Standard terms and conditions apply.

Please contact us if you are interested